Barrea Living Passion

Absolutely not to be missed! The living passion is a fixture of the Holy Saturday in Barrea! Surely the most awaited event by the entire population of barreana and tourists who flock every year, now since 1987. The Living Passion Barrea Inside the small authentic hamlet of Barrea, the last Hours of Jesus ' life are reconstructed. It starts from the entrance into Jerusalem, passing through the Last Supper until you reach the crucifixion on Calvary and the resurrection. All this accompanied by a breathtaking panorama and the first lights of the sunset that make the atmosphere absolutely magical. For one day all the locals become actors, from the youngest to the adults, more than 150 people and extras in costumes that will represent and make the public live the salient moments of the tragedy of Christ. Personally I never missed an appointment with this event to say the least, that every year gives many emotions and reminds us of the true meaning of the holy Easter. Mark it also on your calendar!