Lake Vivo: A different lake in every season

Dear friends, today I want to talk about one of the symbolic places of the Abruzzo National Park: Lake Vivo. Frequented by mountain enthusiasts especially in spring, this body of water gives great emotions thanks to its ability to change; The name "Vivo" derives from the fact that the lake continually changes its appearance and size according to the seasons. To get there you can head from Barrea, continuing in the direction of Alfedena. At the height of km 67, at a bend, turn right on a dirt road that leads to access "K" of the National Park of Abruzzo. From here we are on the K6 path. After about 1 km you will find yourself at the source of the women's water from where, diverting to the left, continue along the path K4. I refer you to this page to get all the directions. I recommend going to the lake alive in the spring when, thanks to the melting of the snows, the lake reaches its highest level. While in summer the lake disappears, leaving place to a green expanse. While not seeing though the lake remains alive, ready to return with the next season. In the autumn you can be enchanted by the large number of deer that, right on the shores of the lake, clash in the mating season. Are you now curious to see this show that nature gives us? Run to book your stay in the Abruzzo National Park! Meanwhile I'll show you some wonderful photos.   Lake Vivo in spring lake alive in winter      

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