Feast of the Orapi Barrea

The Orapi festival is a traditional event, organized by the Pro Loco, held on August 13 of each year in the panoramic "Piazza del mammarino" in Barrea. The Orapis   "l'orapo" is a wild spinach that grows spontaneously on the high peaks of the Abruzzo National Park in late spring, especially where once there were the traditional "stazzi", or pastures of the HERDS.             Feast of the Orapi Barrea It is certainly an opportunity to taste the traditional recipes of the Orapo as a basis; Among these we find the dumplings with the Orapi (strictly handmade by women of barrea), Orapi and beans, as well as grilled meats and various beverages, all accompanied by musical entertainment.   I would definitely recommend to savor these delicious dishes and the decided knowledge of the Orapo that I am sure will not disappoint.   Every sunday, when my mother asks me what I want for lunch, I answer without any doubt "i want dumplings with orapi"!!!