The animals of the National park

The fauna of the national Park of Abruzzo is particularly rich and I will briefly tell you the animals symbol of the park:

  • Brown Bear Marsicano, perhaps the animal symbol of the park par excellence! Giant greedy between the 100 and 250kg, moves depending on where he can find the food, so sometimes it also goes into the historical centers of Barrea and the countries of the National Park of Abruzzo. Marsican Bear
  • The wolf, surely the most elusive and difficult to meet, certainly easier to hear his howling. Saved from extinction in the years 80 is a fundamental predator for the balance of fauna inside the park. In Civitella Alfedena there is the museum of the Wolf and a lookout point. Wolf National Park of Abruzzo
  • The deer was reintroduced in the park in the years 70 and is now very present. Very easy to meet him around the lake Barrea near Villetta Barrea, but also a walk for Barrea. You have to be very careful about their night crossings on the roads, because they can be dangerous for those who drive. Great to watch the amorous fights in the fall period. (Photo by Paolo Bolognini) Deer Fighting
  • The Abruzzo chamois is considered the most beautiful in the world, because compared to its alpine colleagues it is more slender and slender! You can see it in the Camosciara area and it is easy to discover on the ground his footsteps composed of two long and sharp nails that draw a unique and recognizable track. Abruzzo Chamois

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