The Abruzzo National Park allows you to make several excursions of various types and here I will try to summarize them. First in the National Park you can meet the animals of the park such as deer, bears, wolves and chamers as well as the common foxes and wild boar. I refer you to the animal page of the park to deepen. The Chamam of Camosciara To see the Chami is recommended the excursion to the Camosciara, oasis where you can do trekking, mountain bike and picnic.   For the vision of the wolf instead you have to visit Civitella Alfedena where there is also the museum of the Wolf. Barrea is surrounded by many mountain paths perfect for trekking and its lake lends itself to a thousand activities such as fishing, canoeing, the new and cycling or walking in the cycle path that surrounds the lake Barrea.