The cave of Schievo in Barrea, how to get there and what to expect, all the info

An excursion to the cave of Schievo is definitely a must for those who are fond of trekking and go to the National Park of Abruzzo, especially in the spring/summer period. The cave of Schievo is crossed by the Rio Torto, which creates wonderful waterfalls that you can admire in the video. To reach it, follow the K3 path (for more information click here), starting from Barrea. There is the possibility to park right at the start of the path, which for almost all the way is of course dirt but not of high difficulty, indeed… The trail skirts the creek and this makes everything more charming. The flow of the stream and the waterfalls depends on the season, of course it is bigger the water flow in the period of the snow thaw, for this the excursion is recommended in spring because the waterfall is at the most of the beauty just for the abundance of water. The waterfall is located inside the cave and is a great place to take beautiful photos. If you want to stay in Barrea I refer you to the page to check the availability of my apartment.   [Embed] v = YPNQArfMIV8 [/embed]

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