Spotting the deer in the Abruzzo National Park is easy!

The deer are an almost daily meeting in Barrea and Villetta BarreaDeer in village in Barrea and often these two countries are called the "deer countries" because of the ease with which it is likely to meet Them. In fact, a real risk is not there unless at night you see them suddenly come out with the car, otherwise these animals are not aggressive if they do not feel threatened. This is why they must be admired at due distance and duty respect:) In the National Park of Abruzzo you find them often snoozing on a lawn or wandering around looking for something, and the sighting can be as single in photos or in packs as in the video that you can see by clicking Here.Deer sighting in Barrea For more information I refer you to the link of Wikipedia that speaks of the deer if you want to see them live I refer you to the booking page of my apartment!

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