Meet a bear! In the National Park of Abruzzo you can!

Meeting a bear is not scary! In fact, just seeing the people around in the picture remained to admire it… The bear photographed by Marco Vancini Photo a few days ago in Villetta Barrea shows how in the national Park of Abruzzo the possibility to meet these magnificent wild animals is far from Remote. Villetta Barrea as Barrea and its lake are already defined the "deer countries" for the very high chance to meet them in the village, walk serenely! They are not dangerous if not disturbed, they stroll alone or in packs and often stop to rest in the Meadows. Marsicano Bear walks in Villetta Barrea All this is due to the protection of the national parks, of which Abruzzo is the European region with the most percentage of protected areas with 37% of the Region's territory. The valley of the lake of barrea, set in the mountains is an ideal habitat for these animals and the excursions that can be enchanted young and old alike! Marsicano bear, We hope to see you again soon!

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