The school bus was invented in Abruzzo!

Not many people know that the school bus was invented in Abruzzo but fortunately we have the evidence:) in this photo of the end 800 (archive IANNI) is seen in Villetta Barrea Giovanni Colantoni (born The 24/06/1848) that accompanies children in school, skillfully arranged on Wicker Baskets. It is the testimony of the first school bus that is remembered in Italy and is an image that today moves, see the children on buses to watch each One's mobile when a time like in this photo, go to school was a real adventure. The National park of Abruzzo is also this, it is the preservation in this modern world, of a corner of ancient paradise, in which to dive and to visit everything, from the villages, like Villetta Barrea where the photo was taken, in barrea, pescasseroli, Opi and environs, for a Relaxing week of Discovery. To check the availability of my apartment I refer you to the booking Page. A greeting   School Bus Donkey in Abruzzo

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